Blink Camera

Blink camera battery problems

What are Blink cameras?

The Blink outdoor camera is a wire-free battery-powered HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.

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Reported problems with batteries in Blink cameras

The manufacturers of the Blink camera claim that it is specially designed to last for two years on the two AA lithium non-rechargeable batteries which it is supplied with.

The manufacturers claim that this is due to its proprietary chip technology. However a number of people have reported on social media and in forums that the batteries only last for a couple of weeks before running out. This can be due to a number or reasons including:

  • How frequently the Blink camera is being activated and used.
  • What modes and functions are being used, e.g. Infra-red, sound, night time mode etc.
  • How good is its wifi connection? if it has a poor connection and is always connecting and then reconnecting, then this will drain the batteries faster.
  • Where it is placed. If it is in a cold and exposed position then the batteries will drain more quickly, this is the nature of batteries.
  • Equally, extreme heat can be bad for batteries too and lead to them draining quicker.

How are Blink cameras powered?

Blink cameras as mentioned are battery powered. They can also be powered by a USB cable. If they are being powered by the USB cable, then the batteries inside the Blink camera will be used as a back up supply, for when the mains/usb power fails.

What are the best batteries for Blink cameras?

Blink outdoor cameras are designed to use non-rechargeable Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Follow this link to get them on Amazon.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my Blink camera?

Theoretically they could be used with rechargeable lithium ion batteries but the manufacturers strongly recommend not to use rechargeable batteries. There are a number of possible reasons for this which could be.

  • Rechargeable batteries run at a different voltage (1.2 volts compared to 1.5 volts for standard batteries) to non-rechargeable batteries and this could impact or damage the energy management system built into your blink camera.
  • Rechargeable batteries also have a different discharge profile to non-rechargeable batteries and again, this could impact or damage the camera’s energy management system. It is this different discharge profile which often means that devices cannot predict how much energy is left in the battery.
  • Rechargeable batteries are not meant to be used in safety critical or regulated medical devices due to their occasional ability to randomly rapidly discharge. If your Blink camera is critical for your, safety then consider it in the same way as your smoke alarm.
  • The Blink customer support forum states categorically that using rechargeable batteries in a blink camera could cause long-term damage the camera’s ability to hold a charge or take power from a battery. I assume that this is due to the rechargeable batteries damaging the inbuilt energy management system.
  • The other thing to bear in mind is that though the Blink camera is powered itself by a USB power supply, this cannot be used to charge batteries when they are in the camera. It may seem like a good hack to do so but it isn’t.

How can I extend the life of the batteries in my Blink Camera?

There are a number of ways in which you could extend the battery life of your camera. These include:

  • Configuring the device so you only use the options which you need.
  • Check its WiFi connection and if necessary look into buying WiFi boosters to help improve the signal.
  • Consider where you have positioned the camera. Often you do not have much choice, but if possible, positioning it in a sheltered place, could help extend the life of its batteries.
  • If you are not going to use the device that often, remove the batteries when you are not using it. Even though the camera is not in use, if you leave the batteries in it, they will still lose a small charge over time in a similar way to a laptop computer that discharges its battery even if it is switched off.
  • If you take the batteries out of the Blink device, make sure that you keep them together and don’t get them mixed up with other batteries.

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